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Vacuum preservation systems range from hand operated pumps meant for domestic use to systems designed for the commercial environment.

Current commercial vacuum systems utilise a small electrical pump that is activated for each vacuum application
Existing Vacuum systems
Vinfinity Vaccum System
These systems are single user/single location systems. Vinfinity is a multi user, multi location system
serving all your bars and wine service locations
It can take up to 6 seconds to apply the vacuum one bottle at a time. Vinfinity vacuum seals every bottle in less than  
2 seconds
(See our system performance video page)
They are limited to no more than 15 vacuums within a 5 minute period. There are no limitations with Vinfinity.

The result of these operational limitations mean these systems are often only used at the end of the night by which time many wines are already damaged.

Vinfinity allows you to vacuum seal every wine after every pour with the highest desirable vacuum for wine preservation from multiple locations within your restaurant or bar.