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Preserving an open bottle of wine is one of the industry's most enduring challenges.
It's a problem that has serious implications for bars and restaurants as most wines deteriorate significantly
after a few hours of contact with air and are at less than drinking quality within a day.

There are two basic methods of wine preservation:

   -Injecting an inert gas to displace the air as a bottle empties or
   -Excerting a vacuum on an open bottle to remove the air

There are several wine preservation systems on that market but all have serious practical limitations.
Vinfinity uses the vacuum concept but by using patented Flash Vacuum Technology overcomes the limitations
of the previous wine preservation systems.

Vinfinity maintains wine quality, increases revenue and profit margins, improves customer satisfaction, minimises losses and creates marketing opportunities. Wine drinkers are aware of the preservation issue and gaining their trust is a key element to a successful program.

Vinfinity makes it possible to offer a large and comprehensive selection of wines by the glass without fear of loss or compromised quality and sends a clear message that the establishment cares about the quality of their wine by the glass program.